Welcome to Help!

Norrin Ellis ao posted Jun 23, 17

Welcome, guildmates!

I started Help for casual gamers to help each other achieve their goals in Star Wars: The Old Republic.  Whether you enjoy PvE, PvP, or just shooting the breeze with others, you're welcome in Help.

Help is intended to be a member-driven guild.  We will have officers to manage the administrative details, but no one is going to tell you how you must spend your time in SWTOR.  If you have experience and expertise in the game, feel free to build a team within the guild to accomplish your goals together.

Our reputation is our most valuable commodity, so all we ask is that you treat people with the same dignity and respect you would expect for yourself.  Some guilds want to be known for their prowess in warzones, flashpoints, or operations.  We want to be known as decent people.

Take a moment to sign up on our Discord server so that you can catch guildmates whenever you need them!

-Norrin Ellis

I want to thank everyone that has been actively playing recently.  Every time you earn conquest points, you are helping the guild level up, which increases the experience, reputation, and command experience bonuses available to all members.

You receive a bonus to conquest points based on unlocking strongholds.  Each fully unlocked stronghold in your legacy gives you a 25% bonus, up to a maximum of 150% for 6 fully unlocked strongholds.  (You can view your bonus on the Conquest tab of the Mission Log, just under the progress bar at the top right.)

We would like to help unlock some strongholds for active players.  When you complete your weekly goal, send me an in-game mail.  If you are not already at maximum bonus, I will arrange to meet with you and open a room* to increase your bonus.

*The guild will pay for the least expensive unlock available to conserve funds.

Thanks again for helping us succeed!

Lami'Sal o So this will be any player who completes the weekly goal?

Greetings, guildmates!

Several months ago, changes to the conquest system--specifically the timing of events and reduction of the review period--made it nearly impossible to track some of the activity that helps move the guild forward.  This caused a suspension of most weekly guild administration activities.

I am excited to report that the new tools released with the 5.10 patch have rectified this issue.  Guild logs provide the necessary information to track players' completion of conquest goals.  The good news here is that we can start promoting active players again.

The new guild mail system also allows us to send updates in-game, so we have changed our promotion policy to no longer require website and Discord membership to be eligible for promotion.

Guild bonuses are now based on the guild level, which is increased by earning conquest points (1 conquest point = 2 guild XP).  Prior to 5.10, these bonuses were based on the total number of active subscribers in the guild.  We can now focus more of our energy on increasing activity within the guild rather than constantly recruiting to offset the attrition of subscribers.

Weekly administrative activities will resume immediately.

Keep up the good work!

Greetings, team!

After the United Forces server consolidation, our Imperial guild name was changed from <Rage> to <Rage @ The Ebon Hawk> due to a naming conflict.  In order to remove the long legacy server tag in the guild name, we have changed it to <Fate>.

We now have an Imperial sister guild called Rage!

The guild structure, policies, and culture will be exactly the same as the Republic side.  We want to create a fun, non-toxic environment for members to find others who share their interests.  Whenever possible, Rage officers will be the same people as the Help officers.

If you enjoy Help on the Republic side, we encourage you to join Rage on the Imperial side!

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